Starting Another Work Week

After taking the weekend off from this space (did you miss me?), it is time to get back into a rhythm. But no-one wants to really want to do that on a sunny summer day, especially when it is Monday.

So let’s try for a little humor instead. Maybe if we ease into the week together it will fly by.

I must admit, I laughed at that one. I don’t drink coffee, but I understand its appeal.And some days you just need that extra stimulation and caffeine to stay awake.

I’ve never understood why people hate mornings, but that may be becasue I’m a morning person. Since I don’t dp morning radio anymore I get to sleep in, until 5, or 5:30. Some mornings as late as 6. Mornings are the best part of the day.

And I like working. If I didn’t like my work, I’d be changing my job. Life is too short to spend hours in unnecessary misery.

As I get older I have some sympathy for this one. I have no trouble getting up, or getting out of bed. But some mornings I have to stand by the bed for a few seconds while my knees decide if they are still functioning. So fat the answer has aklways been “yes.”

Another one that I laughed at. Any parent can tell you that those plastic bricks can inflict some of the worst pain you will ever experience. New parents take note: teach your children from infancy that all toys are put away every night before bedtime, withoiut fail. Believe me, you”ll thank me for it.

Not Monday themed, but that is how I do math. I got in trouble in one high school class becasue I couldn’t show the steps I took to arrive at the answers to some complicated algebra questions. Apparently doing the equations in my head was not acceptable. Turns out they weren’t trying to teach me to do math, they were trying to teach me to folllow their rules. That my answers were always right didn’t matter – they wanted to see how I did it. (Much of the time I couldn’t describe it – I was going by instinct and takjing shortcuts. But i did get the right answer.)

Okay, now that you’ve had a few smiles for this Monday, do you really want to return it? I thought not. Enjoy your day!


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