No School Today

Public schools in Ontario are closed for the Christmas  break (which they probably call a winter break, I haven’t checked). When they will reopen is a matter of some conjecture.

The Premier said on Friday that it was too early to say if schools would reopen in January, given the COVID case count. Too me this seems like a classic politician’s lie. 

Of course the schools won’t reopen in January. History already tells us that.

Earlier this year, when new COVID-19 cases hit 3,000 daily, the province’s students were switched to online learning to prevent further spread of the virus. That’s about the same number of new cases as today.

Given the ease of transmission of the Omicron variant of the virus, the health experts tell us Ontario will experience 6,000 new daily cases by Christmas and 10,000 daily by the end of the month. Does anyone seriously believe the province will allow the schools to open with that many COVID cases?

So why wouldn’t the Premier be honest with the people? I have no idea. Doies he think he will be blamed for closing the schools? Is he hoping the experts are wrong? But if he really believed that he’d find new experts, ones who could get it right, wouldn’t he?

Or is it that politicians hate to be the bearers of bad news, even when the public has already figured it out? He can’t bring himself to speak a truth that everyone already knows. In doing so he contributes to the distrust of politicians that in the past two years seems to have spread even faster than COVID-19.

That isn’t helpful. To me that isn’t leadership. Such magical thinking is unproductive. I wonder if the Premier understands that.

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