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Troop Deployment

There are soldiers in the streets in Canada. This is not a coup. This is democracy in action. I’ve been in countries where the sight of soldiers was never good news, places where the military was an alternative government, just waiting to seize power. It isn’t like that in Canada. Our transitions from one government […]

The Warning

I thought I had posted this picture a couple of weeks ago, then realized that somehow it got overlooked. We spent a couple of days in Pembroke, Ontario, earlier this month reconnecting with some old friends and making new ones. We lived there 1987-1999, more or less, so the visit brought back a lot of […]

Ontario Votes

We take a break from our Black Forest series today because…. …it is voting day in Ontario. Voters are set to choose which of the three major parties will form the government. I will admit to not being all that excited. If we were still living in the province, I would probably have written extensively […]

Political Musings For Your Wednesday

What is the goal of a political party? Is it to win power or is it to put forward policies that will be good for all even if they are unpopular? As Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives choose a new leader this weekend I’ve been pondering the question. Ontario voters will elect a new provincial government in […]

That’s A Lot Of Water – II

More pictures from Niagara Falls.

That’s A Lot Of Water – I

I’d forgotten about my last visit to Niagara falls, which took place almost a decade ago, when I discovered these pictures on a memory stick that I snatched off my desk. So today and tomorrow a photo essay of one of the  natural wonders of the world. I’ve been to the Falls several times in […]

A Blind Eye To Corruption

The Premier of Ontario is in court today. Kathleen Wynne should be embarrassed by that. But she probably isn’t. Wynne is a witness in what essentially is a corruption trial involving her political party. It is alleged that inducements were offered to a potential candidate to stand aside so that the party’s preferred nominee could […]