Dreaming Of Athens

One day we will be able to travel again. Where do you want to go then?

Athens is high on my list. I was there for half a day in 2019, which is definitely not long enough. I visited the Acropolis, Mars Hill and a museum. I figure I need another week, just to scratch the surface – there is so much history.

Today’s pictures were shot as I was standing by the Acropolis and looking out over the city. All places I want to explore the next time, if indeed there is a next time.

It’s a big planet, there are so many interesting sites to see, I realize I might not ever get back to Greece. Or London. Or Paris, New York City, Rome or Istanbul. There’s always an issue with time, and, of course, money. Travel isn’t cheap.

So today why don’t you join me as we look out over Athens, find a place that looks interesting, and promise ourselves that one day we’ll go there. Just thinking about it should make the lockdown a bit more bearable. Though I realize there may be no lockdown where you are.

I’m hoping unrestricted air travel opens up again within the next 12 months, but these days it would seem making predictions is risky business. Someday it will happen, I am convinced of that. When it does, where do you want to go?


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