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Taking A Break In COVID

I’ve enjoyed the recap of your favorites from 2020, but it was difficult not to interrupt. A couple of times I almost broke into the cycle to deal with some breaking issues. So will be my focus over the next few days. Criticizing politicians is a national sport in Canada. Is it like that where […]

A Feeling of Emptiness

The retail sector has taken a beating this year, with lockdowns and enforced closures. The number of bankruptcies is soaring. Many stores, especially small ones, are not expected to survive the pandemic. Living in Sulzburg I knew that intellectually, but it hadn’t really hit home. Our stores haven’t been hurt. That may be because there […]

Is This Overkill?

It was more than 30 years that I first saw a group of Asian tourists wearing face masks. I was not impressed. I understood that the air might be polluted wherever they were coming from, but this was Canada. You would think they would take off their masks and enjoy our fresh air. In 2020 […]

The Plane Not Taken

I never thought it would last this long. Did you? Is there anyone at this point whose life hasn’t been disrupted by COVID-19? When will it end? I’m supposed to be on a plane today, going back to Canada for vacation. Instead I’m hoping for a Christmas flight – if any airlines are flying then. […]

Flying Frequently

I must be an optimist. Why else would I have a frequent flyer plan? My account was just reset by the company to zero because I have had no qualifying flights for a year. Rather ironic that the reset was done the day before a flight that qualified for points. I know the rules and […]

Lost In Europe

I have no idea where I am as I write this. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say I have no idea where I am supposed to be. I’m at home in Germany, but I don’t think there is any record of my being here. I’m a little confused. Bear with me and […]

What Is Good About Travel?

When you read this I am probably traveling. Which is a lot less thrilling than it sounds. Pretty much my entire day today involves getting from Point A to Point B. I used to love to travel. There was the thrill of discovering new places, new people, new foods. I even used to like air […]

Improving Air Travel – II

I had to pass through Athens Airport last week. I really can’t tell you anything about the place, other than that it now tops my list of least favourite airports. I took no pictures to share with you, there wasn’t time. You could say it was at least partly my fault. When I booked my […]

Improving Air Travel – I

I think I mentioned a little while back that I was retiring my “Waiting For A Plane” series, which had reached 30 installments, of posts written in airport waiting areas. So I am not sure how to characterize this one, which was written yesterday in Munich while I was waiting for a plane. I have […]

I Think Today Is Thursday

The trip back to Germany was uneventful, much better than the 42-hour marathon we took getting to Canada six weeks ago. Now comes the adjustment again to language and culture, which will take much more than the adjustment to this time zone. It was so nice to be in the same time zone as the […]