Before The Revolution

In early 2020 the politicians and public health officials botched the initial response to COVID-19. I can forgive that – they obviously had no idea what they were doing and were trying their best.

That health officials should have been prepared instead of making things up on the fly would seem to be a reasonable expectation. When this pandemic is over, if indeed it ever ends, there should be a proper post-mortem. Those not up to the task should be replaced with people who can do the job.

After a year of listening to Canadian politicians tell us what is needed to return to normalcy, you would be forgiven if you think that all politicians lie, all the time. Rather than admit their ignorance they made promises: “just do this and things will get better.” The people obeyed, and things didn’t get better.

We were told masks were useless, that there was no scientific value in wearing one. Then they were mandatory because only a mask and social distancing can reduce the spread of COVID-19.

People were told to wash their hands frequently because they could pick up the virus on exposed surfaces. Now we are told you only contract the bug through the air. If they didn’t know, why didn’t they say so? If they were wrong then, how can we trust the authorities are right this time?

We were told vaccines would solve the problem. Then the government botched vaccine procurement. When it did manage to get some vaccines, it had difficulty figuring out how to get them to the people. The 30-days between doses recommended by the manufacturer became four months. Does the science support that? That isn’t a question that is encouraged.

Some minor infringements on social liberties are necessary for the greater good they told us. But we have seen no greater good, just an increase in restrictions. The government has created a climate of fear, to the point where the populace is thanking it for violating the Constitution and taking away Canadian liberties.

In the Canadian province of Ontario, as of Monday, police are gong to be stopping anyone outside their home and quizzing them as to their reasons. Joggers and drivers alike will have their movements subject to what the police allow, and the Constitution be dammed.

Not quite sure what they will do if people refuse to comply. Probably haul them off to a concentration camp. In essence they are creating a police state, and the people, in their fear, are allowing it.

Opposition politicians say the restrictions don’t go far enough. The media, once the protector of freedom, has been bought off by promises of government bailouts. The few who dare question the need for draconian measures are canceled.

The world’s dictators, in places like Russia, China, Turkey and Iran must be laughing. Canada has held itself up as a beacon of democracy and lectured other countries on their human rights abuses. When the police can stop you merely for being outside your home, there aren’t many differences to note between dictatorships.

The government’s defenders will say that these are unusual circumstances and the measures are only temporary. I believed that last April.

Now I am beginning to wonder if they will try and find a way to make the infringements on our rights permanent. It must be so convenient for politicians to not have to be held accountable for their actions.

Canada is not yet at the point where anyone is seriously advocating for postponing elections and allowing those who have botched the pandemic more time to fix it – but I think that is only a matter of time.



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  2. Jen adams · · Reply

    Hey cous I see you have come over to the dark side. Since the beginning of this whole “pandemic” I have felt in my soul that this was an evil that was going to spin out of control quickly. I told David that I was feeling such an oppressive weight in my gut. I have prayed for our leaders to make wise decisions. I have obeyed “the rules” in public even though I thought personally they were ineffective and even harmful. I see fear in people as they walk alone down a quiet street wearing a mask. Now I am wondering what is next. Will they round up non compliers, jail them for not wearing a mask or getting a jab or an experimental needle. My friends neighborhood saw fines because two families were talking while their kids were riding bikes in their court outside their house. I had a friend whose 100 year old mom die in early fall and she was terrified of Canada because she grew up in communist Russian and feared the same was happening here. By the way, my friend, a retired nurse, was not allowed to go into the hospital while her mom was dying but after she died she was allowed and told to spend as much time as she needed with her dead body?????? It’s no wonder Canadians are starting to lose their minds and fight back. This is being used to strip us of rights that we will never get back.

    1. I obey the rules, even as I doubt their effectiveness. Wearing a mask seems to me a reasonable infringement, because I do believe masks help. I respect the views who think otherwise, but prefer for them to stay away from me.

      By now I think we all know someone who died alone because of pandemic restrictions. Not sure I understand the logic behind keeping loved ones away from someone who is dying if they are willing to take the risk.

      Mixed messages from politicians don’t help. The Canadian Prime Minister told the House of Commons that vaccines don’t work. Yet he wants everyone immunized. I’m hoping he means that while only a small portion of the population (12 per cent after five months of vaccinations) has received the shot there is still a need for social distancing and masks, but that eventually we can discard those.

      If he doesn’t see that as temporary, why would anyone get the vaccine?

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