A Year Later

One year ago today I shared these words and pictures. So much has happened (and not happened) since then I’m not sure where to begin.

In 2020 I was saying life still goes on. Yet, I just realized that the Easter bunny was not in the Sulzburg town square this year – unless they put it up yesterday. Or unless I am so out of touch these days that I have walked by it for weeks without noticing. Either is possible. Most likely though the rabbit has fallen victim to COVID fatigue.


I still believe that someday this pandemic will end and we will have a new “normal.” After more than a year of this though, you have to wonder if that is ever going to happen.

While some days it seems like the world is falling apart, it really isn’t. “Social distancing” has become the norm in Sulzburg.

I don’t know if businesses here are closed – there are so few, and the ones I know are “essential” services, such as the grocery store, bakery and pharmacy. Those are still open.

While the playground is closed and public gatherings prohibited, some things remain normal. On Monday the Easter bunny appeared in the market square, just as he does every year.

I must admit I was a little surprised, I had thought city staff would have higher priorities. When I thought about it though I realized that some things are going to continue, no matter the pandemic sweeping the world. If city staff remain healthy, why wouldn’t they continue with the normal routines of Spring?

Easter is coming. The churches may not be open, but the rabbit sits in the Sulzburg market square. This “crisis” will pass.



  1. Such strange times still aren’t they but restrictions do seem to be easing and things are slowly returning to some sort of normal. Don’t think this will ever go away though, we will all just have to adapt to a different way of living.

    1. Easing of restrictions seems to be very dependent on where you live. I’m seeing many places bring in more rules. It is as if, after a year, our leaders haven’t figured out we are going to have to live with this bug, just like we do with the flu.

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