The Christmas Market

One of the big casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the cancelation of Europe’s many Christmas markets. These colorful Advent celebrations just aren’t happening this year.

At various points this month I might give you a glimpse of what we are missing, starting with photos I took in 2017 in Colmar, France, which traditionally has one of the top-rated European Christmas markets.

It was rainy when I visited, and no snow had fallen, yet there was still a festive air. That may have been fueled by the gluhwein (a hot mulled wine) that most of the crowd seemed to be drinking. Didn’t appeal to me at all.

Christmas markets are for selling things, but I think I have reached the point where there isn’t the same appeal to acquire more possessions. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy seeing what is available and admiring the regional crafts.

Today just some photos from that market, a reminder of one more thing that the pandemic has taken from us in 2020. I expect the Christmas markets top be more packed than usual when they return in 2021.


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