The Positive Test

I was planning today to write about the US presidential election, then figured it would be too depressing. Maybe some COVID-19 jokes instead.

Then Donald Trump was confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19.

It is a little surprising that more world leaders haven’t had positive tests. Their jobs expose them to so many people. Trump, from published reports, has also been a little lax in safety precautions.

There’s probably a lot of glee on Twitter about now. I suspect there isn’t too much sympathy from those who disagree with his politics or his handling of the pandemic.

Which is a shame. There are times when we should be able to put politics aside and unite in our shared humanity. I wonder if America has passed the point where it is able to do that.

You would think that a worldwide pandemic would have brought people closer together as they dealt with the issue. I don’t get the impression it has help bridge any divides. If anything, societies seem more polarized.

Trump is in several high-risk categories, so it will be interesting to see how the virus affects him. I get the impression it is the sort of thing you don’t wish on your worst enemy. I know people who have almost died from it (and one acquaintance who did indeed die).

So today I’m not thinking of the US election, except peripherally. I am thinking of the American president. And praying for his recovery.

Maybe if we all spent more time praying for world leaders, instead of attacking them, the world would be a better place.


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  1. Good point

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