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Voting Day

If you are an American, get out and vote today. It is important to exercise your franchise. Democracy is only strong when people participate. I doubt if today’s vote in the US is as important as some people are making it. There has been a fair amount of hysteria online about this election, more than […]

What Happened? – II

Yesterday I reviewed Hillary Clinton’s What Happened. I realized as I was writing that I had more to say than I wanted to fit into one day, so today we pick up more or less where we left off on Thursday. Clinton, who spends most of the book rehashing the 2016 US presidential election campaign […]

What Happened?

I let the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration slip by without comment. It seemed better that way. However, I’ve been reading Hillary Clinton’s account of the 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign, What Happened, and it seems like a good time to weigh in with a few thoughts on the book.  In 2008 I read […]

Entering The Twilight Zone

I have seen this a couple of places, but thought I should pass it on in case you missed it. While it looks like a possible spoof, it really is a television listing for this Friday. People in Scotland got to see it first as it ran in this week’s Sunday Herald. I remember the […]

Ethically Challenged

Cash for access. It was a major issue in the US presidential election this year, when it was revealed that more than half of the people who had meetings with Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State also made donations to the Clinton Foundation. There may have been nothing illegal about that, but it […]

Monday Morning Question

About 25 years ago, when I first acquired the email account I still use today, I was very diligent at clearing out my inbox. I never had any unread messages and never more than 200 emails in total. Back then email space was at a premium, no matter whether you used a free service or […]

The Anniversary

On this date forty years ago the Parti Quebecois were elected as the Government of Quebec. I doubt there will be many celebrations today. The PQ are a sovereigntist political party. Their goal was (and is) to democratically take the province out of the Canadian nation to become and independent state. So far they have […]