Different Visions


Walking through Sulzburg the other day I noticed familiar flowers in one of the yards. Familiar, but not ones I had ever seen in a Canadian yard.

I  will admit to not being a horticultural expert. Plants, to me, are something someone else grows. So maybe I am wrong in my observations.IMG_20200809_1140030

It did look to me though like the homeowner is growing what would be considered weeds in Canada: thistles and goldenrod. That is what it looks like anyway.

Which has me thinking once more about those subtle cultural differences between the continents. I take it for granted that you don’t grow weeds on your front lawn. But who decides what constitutes a weed?

I’ll admit the flowers looked pretty. I don’t suffer from hayfever, so goldenrod doesn’t bother me. Why not have them in your front yard?

In Canada the neighbors would be sure to complain. I guess they don’t here.



  1. Das Lesen Ihres Artikels hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Fae Zared Culbertson

  2. Sigh, how beautiful!

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