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If I Complained, Would You Listen?

  Standing in my kitchen yesterday I felt like I was getting whiplash. My head was jerking back and forth, left and right as I was trying to track the fly I could hear buzzing but couldn’t see. I had the flyswatter in my hand, and before long I had dispatched four flies to meet […]

Frustration Sets In

Allow me to vent for a minute. I was just in the kitchen, and killed at least a dozen flies. There were more when I finished than when I started. It is 31 degrees Celsius, so closing the windows isn’t really an option. I want to cook some food, but not myself. In Canada this […]

Dinner Time (Cultural Differences XV)

Came across another cultural difference , but not one between Germany and Canada as I have been documenting here from time to time. This one surprised me. We were invited to dinner in a village about a 40-minute drive from our home in Sulzburg. Our hosts were celebrating their new apartment. They came here as […]

Language Issues

(Originally published August 29, 2015 – and I forgot to ask about the sign the next year.) Canada is a bilingual nation, though in parts of the country that is more theory than fact. When I was younger both England and France were acknowledges as our founding nations, and English and French were our national […]

Killer On The Loose

I am a killer. And I make no apologies for that. At least this time I remembered to take a picture. When vacationing in Europe a few years ago, I noted the absence of screens on the windows and wondered if perhaps Europe didn’t have the same issue with insects that we have in North […]

Cultural Differences VII – Baking

With our kitchen having been installed for a week it was time for Christmas baking. Past time really; in Canada I would be on to my second batch by this point. But could I pull it off? Baking requires more than just an oven… I have heard it said that a good workman never blames […]

Cultural Differences VI – The Kitchen

Until this morning, when I walked into my kitchen, all I could see was empty space with a pipe protruding from the wall. The previous tenants took everything, including the kitchen sink. This is a whole new experience for me. In Germany, when you move, you take everything with you. That includes the kitchen sink […]

Cultural Differences V

Sometimes the differences can be surprising. Canada switched to the metric system in 1975, so I wasn’t anticipating any problems in the kitchen – I know how metric measurements work. I figured I could read the numbers on the packaging. The problem started when we started purchasing things for the kitchen. Pots and pans were […]

Cultural Differences IV

In North America it is common for retail salespeople to wear name tags. Turns out they do in Germany too, but there’s a big difference. The name tag is so much a part of the uniform that those wearing them often forget they are there. If I see a clerk wearing one I tend to […]

Cultural Differences – II

In North America time is money. We are always looking for ways to save it; it may be the most valuable thing we own. Europe runs at a different pace. That was obvious the first time I went to a gas station to fill up the car. We had borrowed a car to run some […]