Blowing Their Own Horns II


Some thoughts from the alpenhorn student concert in Sulzburg’s market square.

I must confess I had never thought about this instrument before, just accepted that it was a Swiss thing. I figured it to be localized because how do you transport something that big?IMG_0919 srk

Now I realize that the horns unscrew into three parts (or more) for easier transportation. Makes sense when you think about it – these are too long to fit in most small European cars.

I was mildly intrigued by the concert, but must admit I didn’t stay for the whole thing. It isn’t that the alpenhorn is that versatile an instrument, and after a while I could detect a certain similarity to the pieces.

The lack of cultural opportunities during these COVID times may have been a contributing factor to my staying as long as I did. I will admit to a craving for live music. Especially rock and roll.IMG_0917 srunk

There’s not much rock and roll played in Sulzburg in the best of times. I could make the trip to Freiburg or Zurich, or even Mannheim, which seems to attract the best acts (probably due to its proximity to the university town of Heidelberg). Somehow though, even the 45 minutes trip to Freiburg seems too long.

Maybe I’m getting old. I still love music, but perhaps I’ve reached the point where I love convenience more. The thought of traveling an hour or more to get to a show, then the same trip afterward, usually convinces me it isn’t worth it.

Which leaves me with whatever is happening in Sulzburg. Alpenhorns and accordions are big here.

I guess I’ll have to learn to like them. Or go without live music.



  1. Steve Martin · · Reply

    Hey hey, my, my
    Alpenhorns will never die
    There’s more to these pictures,
    Than meets the eye,
    Hey hey, my, my

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