Virtual Music

IMG_6118 - shrunk

The Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels, like most cultural establishments in Europe, is closed these days. Usually about 10,000 people go through every month.

COVID-19 has hot the cultural sector as had as any other industry. I wonder if the government supports to help museums, theatres, dance troupes and the like through this time are going to be sufficient.IMG_6108 - shrunk

There is after all only so much money to go around. A store may be able to make up lost business over time, but how about a tourist attraction? They are dependent on their customers having the time to visit, and 2020 looks like it is pretty much washed out.

People only get a certain amount of vacation time. Even if they have the extra money (unlikely in today’s economy), who will be taking an extra trip next year to make up for the one they didn’t take this year?

It has been almost three months since people were last able to visit the Musical Instruments Museum. Nobody knows when it will open again. That’s 300,000 Euros of lost revenue so far, not counting merchandise sales. That’s a huge loss.

Today, one last virtual tour of the museum taken from my 2014 visit. Next time I’m in Brussels, I plan to return.

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