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Virtual Music

The Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels, like most cultural establishments in Europe, is closed these days. Usually about 10,000 people go through every month. COVID-19 has hot the cultural sector as had as any other industry. I wonder if the government supports to help museums, theatres, dance troupes and the like through this time are […]

Don’t Stop The Music!

It’s Saturday, which in theory is a day of rest for many people. Though in these everybody-works-from-home days there may be less of a distinction between times of work and leisure. I’ve been enjoying the daydreaming about travel, something that I still hope will be a reality for me this summer, even though I know […]

Musical Dreams

It’s tough not being able to travel when you want to. And that loss of freedom is just the tip of the iceberg – there are many travel-oriented businesses which will not survive this involuntary shutdown. That might be a topic for another day, maybe once planes start flying again. (I expect those flights to […]

Instruments Everywhere

Do you ever make plans and then forget to follow through? Of course not, only I would do that, right? When I went to post Tuesday’s flashback post from Brussels’ Musical Instruments Museum I thought I would choose photos from several different posts rather than just the ones from the 2014 original. But there weren’t […]

Sounds of Music

Dreaming of travel again since none of us can go anywhere. Here’s a post from 2014 about the Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels. It’s a monument to creativity, seven floors in downtown Brussels devoted to musical instruments. But there was no cigar box banjo. Admission is free at the Musical Instruments Museum on Wednesdays, so we planned […]

Whirlwind Tour

More photos from Mini-Europe in Brussels, a post that first ran in 2015. Nobody is traveling these days, but we can still dream! We went to see the Mini-Europe theme park in Brussels. Actually, I was dragged there. There was no way Vivian would have gotten me there if it wasn’t right besides The Atomium, which I […]

Vacation Time?

While the rest of the world seems to be paused, in some ways I am busier than ever. Which has me daydreaming about getting away from it all.  Remember when we could travel to places we wanted to visit? It seems like forever ago, not earlier this year. Back in January I didn’t own a […]

Brussels Street Scenes

Just some pictures today. I wasn’t sure what to post, but I knew it had to be something that wouldn’t take time I didn’t have available. That meant I couldn’t edit one of my almost finished posts. So I grabbed these random photos from a trip to Brussels five years ago. I like Brussels, which […]

Pondering Broken Relationships

I’ve posted this before, but the topic was on my mind again today. It was one of the first things I wrote when this blog became a regular thing for me back in 2014. I’m a political junkie, but this display was the highlight of my visit to the EU Parliament building in Brussels. At […]


I don’t know where the time goes. A few weeks ago I ambitiously set out a schedule for posting here. The idea was that I would work through the backlog of posts on my phone, things that were written but just needed a final edit. Finding time to do that was tough. There was a […]