Let There Be Laughter



It’s Saturday. For most of us the workweek is over. It’s a time to relax, go somewhere, do something. Except….

Where I am, and probably where you are too, there isn’t much attraction in going places. Yes, I could now take the train to Freiburg and shop, something I haven’t been able to do for three months, but it would be shopping just because I can, not because I need to.

Many of those on the streets will be wearing masks. There will probably be lineups outside stores as they control how many are allowed inside at one time. Do I want the hassle?

Maybe next weekend, when I think the restaurants will be open (reservations and social distancing required). I like my own cooking, but a change is appealing. There are some things I just don’t have the ingredients to make, that is why I occasionally like restaurant food.

I expect therefore that today’s recreation will be a walk through the Black Forest and maybe a streamed movie. Not a bad option.

Before any of that though, I thought I would share some COVID-19 humor to brighten the day.


Just for the record in case you are a conspiracy theorist – this isn’t true.


This one is definitely true!



For the record, I didn’t stock up on toilet paper when the pandemic hit. Lots of it in the stores now. The shortage only lasted a month.


Gotta wonder if the one on the left is a fake. When did a cat ever follow instructions?

Have a great Saturday!


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