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Picking A Speaker

As 2023 starts we are reminded of the popular definition of insanity wrongly attributed to Albert Einstein. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We’ve seen that at work in Washington this week. In many ways the American political system is broken, and constructive change is beyond the political will. Those […]

The Big Ask

The phone rang and the question was: “Could you answer a couple of questions on provincial government policy?” I agreed. It wasn’t a pollster calling, but a fundraiser from Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party. Once he’d asked his two policy questions, he wanted more. Specifically a donation. To keep the governing party going in the right […]

Unexpected Consequences

It seemed simple enough, especially in the US, where the populace is politically divided and everyone has an opinion. Build workplace harmony by banning political discussion. That’s what they did at software company Basecamp. Employees at the water cooler could still argue religion or the merits of their favorite sports team – only politics was verboten. […]

The Naked MP

I hope they catch the perpetrator. At the every least it should be a firing offence, if criminal charges aren’t laid. It has been in the news around the world: A member of the Canadian parliament appeared naked during a sitting of the House of Commons. Needless to say, that is a breach of the […]

How Would You Vote?

\I don’t even know what they are running for. A strange thing for a political junkie to admit. I mentioned yesterday I haven’t been following the elections being held in my part of Germany, to the point where I am not even sure what office the candidates hope to be elected to. Ignorance, in this […]

Spy Games

Germany’s security agency has had its knuckles rapped. And rightly so. I can only hope that those in charge are held to account. The agency announced a week or so ago that it was investigating the country’s primary right-wing party, AFD (Alliance fur Deutschland) , because of concerns about some elements in the party. Which you […]

Doing Politics Right

After seeing this commercial, I’d vote for these guys. No idea how I’d make the choice since they are running against each other. Probably base it on policies. Politics seems to be broken these days, like so much else in society. In their quest for personal victory, many politicians trample the truth, decency and the […]

Quacking Like A Duck

“Stephen Harper used prorogation to avoid difficult political circumstances. We will not” – Justin Trudeau, 2015 So much for promises. Again. The funny thing is, Canada’s Prime Minister has good reason to prorogue (reset) Parliament. A new plan for the COVID-19 era makes sense. It’s the timing that makes it look so bad. He appears […]

Highly Debatable

  The four contenders for the leadership of Canada’s Conservative party square off in an English-language debate tonight, as they did in French last night. Why should you care? If you are a Canadian you should be interested; one of these four will be the next leader of the Official Opposition, and possibly Prime Minister […]

Democracy In Action – Your Turn

Today is an important day for Canadian democracy, though my guess is most people in Canada are unaware of it. Not surprising given the usual level of political awareness and engagement. In a presidential system the leader of the country is elected directly by the people. In the Westminster parliamentary tradition the Prime Minister is […]