Perilous Surfing

Took a look at my “bulk mail” folder yesterday and now I have questions about spam.

If I go to a car dealer’s website, I get inundated with vehicle ads for weeks afterward. That’s because I don’t feel the need to spend time hiding my online activities. My life is an open book.

I’m not sure if spam is activity-based, but of so, I’m wondering where i have been that triggered the latest batch of junk email.

Yesterday I got 14 emails offering me a loan. I don’t know the details since I deleted them unread. There were eight the day before – along with  five offers of a new credit card. Obviously someone thinks I need money, and at the same time I seem to be a good credit risk.

What sort of person would trust a loan company that just sent random emails soliciting business? I imagine the interest rates would be sky-high. If indeed you were approved for a loan.

My guess is such “offers” are a way for certain less than ethical people to obtain your personal information. Once they have your name, birth date, residency information, employer’s name and social security number (or equivalent), it wouldn’t be hard to impersonate you. A scammer with that information could apply for a loan, receive cash and vanish, leaving you on the hook for the money.

Try convincing the bank it wasn’t you, when all the information given was accurate. It might take a long time before you got the mess straightened out, and your credit rating would probably vanish. Police would be involved.

It’s always good to remember that the internet is a place where the  rule of law is sketchy at best. Not the best of places to be giving people personal information. That’s my public service thought for the day.

By the way, I’m not interested in a loan, thank you. I like being debt-free. However, if you just wanted to give me a gift, I might have to accept it.

After all, I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings.

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