Are You Afraid?


I’ve never had a fear of spiders – which doesn’t mean I like them. That dislike though isn’t arachnophobia, IMG_20190917_1122328

Those who have that unnatural fear are not overly enamored with the sculpture on the plaza in front of Canada’s National Gallery. The giant spider, with its egg sac prominently displayed, is titled “Maman,” which is French for mother. I know it makes no sense, but there are those who are somewhat unsettled by the sculpture.

It’s a relatively new piece of public art, and I haven’t paid it much attention in the past – probably because I was driving by and keeping my eyes on the road.

The past couple of weeks though I have been walking by the spider twice daily. So I can’t help but notice it and people’s reactions to it.IMG_20190917_1123070

Tourists love to have their picture taken in front of this giant insect. I guess it is a little easier to get in the frame than the Parliament Buildings. It is a prime selfie location.

Ottawa has so many tourist attractions I have never really appreciated. When you live in a place you take a lot of the local attractions for granted. There are a couple of national museums I have yet to visit, and quite a few local ones that I have never seen. I walked by the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame this week – I had never noticed it before. I’d like to visit it sometime.

The problem is, I’m not a tourist. I’m not here to see the sights. If I want to see something, I have to look at my other commitments and see where I can carve out some time.

Unless it is something like Maman.  When you walk by a spider that large, it is tough not to notice it.


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