Something Different…


My friend Bruce used to fill his blog with a lot of videos. If he didn’t have anything profound to share on a particular day, he would share a musical gem he had found on YouTube.

Bruce’s extensive music knowledge was such that he was a frequent contributor to Wikipedia , desiring to preserve things that he knew that were otherwise unrecorded He encouraged me to do the same, but I just ever seem to find the time. In this information age not everything will be preserved. Bruce’s blog is his legacy, something that reveal the passions of a private man.

My friend Paul also uses a fair amount of video in his blog. While Bruce’s posts were primarily to entertain, Paul’s are mostly to educate and inform. You could spend hours each week watching, then contemplating the material he shares.

I, on the other hand, have used very little video in my posts. I’m partial to the printed word. It takes longer to watch something than to read, and time is precious. I must admit, I don’t think I ever watched one of Bruce’s music posts and Paul’s posts I usually bookmark for a later that never comes.

Yet today I decided to post a video. It was stinking hot in Sulzburg a couple of days ago, so I went for a walk in the Black Forest. As I passed by this stream I felt moved to take out my phone and record the video below.

It was peaceful in the shade, the sounds of the flowing water soothing. I thought maybe I should share the experience, that you might appreciate a couple of minutes of calm in your hectic day.

I know I did.


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