Words of Wisdom

I couldn’t resist when I saw this on a friend’s Facebook page – I just had to share it.

I try not to argue with strangers, or even those people I know, especially about politics. Took me a while to learn that though. I remember wasting an evening with a close-minded individual who was very upset because I kept asking him for facts.

This being an election year in Canada, and with the 2020 US presidential election underway, that’s a good reminder for all of us. Don’t argue, just insist on the facts. If the politician or their supporters can’t back up their statements, then you are within your rights to dismiss their arguments as self-serving horse manure.

And please, when I write about politics in this space, make sure you check my facts. I’m entitled to my opinion, but I am not entitled to get the facts wrong.

If I was, they’d make me president of the USA.


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