Bergruine Landeck – I


There’s something special about castles, to me anyway. Maybe it is because we don’t have them in Canada.

There’s a history that goes with each castle, a unique story that goes back centuries. When you come from a country with an architectural history that barely goes back a hundred years in most places, there is something special about a building from the 13th century.

The castle in Landeck has been on our list to visit since we saw the Hochberg in Emmendingen. The two are not far from each other, and it seemed to make sense to check it out, even though it was not supposed to be as impressive.IMG_5673

It isn’t. But a ruined castle is still a ruined castle, so I am glad to have seen it. What did disappoint me was the walk to Landeck.

When we got off the train in Emmendingen it seemed straightforward enough. A short walk through town then into the countryside and the castle. It should take less than an hour.

The walk through town was as I expected. However, there appeared to be no trails to Landeck through fields or forest. We wound up walking along the highway (there was no sidewalk) which is not the most pleasant thing to do on a hot sunny afternoon. A good portion was uphill, but not too bad.IMG_5669

Turns out there is a hiking tour route – but I only read about that after the visit. That’s what I get for using the map app on my phone- it doesn’t have a setting for “scenic route.”

I didn’t really read the signs at the castle which give some of its history. My wife tells me the place was burned by insurgent peasants in 1525, and no-one has lived there since. There’s a story there for sure, but who knows when I will have time to find out what it is.

Lots more pictures in tomorrow’s post.


  1. These are so awesome!☺️❤️️

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