Bergruine Landeck – II

Today a photo essay from this castle located in Landeck in southern Germany. As you can see from the walls, the fireplaces were huge. Makes sense for 1260. And if some of those windows look like they belong in a church, there was a large chapel as part of the castle.


  1. Love all your photos! Very enjoyable, wish I was there!🤗❤️️

    1. If you like castles, Germany is the place to be – though supposedly the Czech Republic has even more.

      1. I love seeing all the castles…so interesting…love! 🤗❤️️

      2. I have posts on a few others – Staufen and Badenweiler come to mind immediately, mostly because they are the closest ones – I see them every time I drive anywhere.

      3. Oh that is so wonderful Lorne. Beautiful view. Children must really get a kick out of them too! I’m heading back to your blog to check out the others! Thank you so much for sharing.☺️❤️️

      4. I saw them Lorne, beautiful!!!❤️️

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