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Hochberg IV

I hadn’t planned on extending this series to a fourth day, but I had too many pictures I liked not to go for it one more time. I expect tomorrow’s post will be more words than pictures – unless I change my mind before then. Advertisements

Hochberg III

Pictures don’t really do justice to the ruins of the Hochberg castle. Especially given that it was a hazy day. I would imagine in the bright summer sun it becomes an even more impressive sight.

Hochberg II

A photo essay today, more pictures from the Hochberg in Emmendingen. We spent about two hours wandering through this ruined castle, and I have this nagging feeling I missed some of it. A visit in the Spring would seem to be in order.

Hochburg I

My wife said she’s heard there was a ruined castle worth seeing near Emmendingen, about 45 minutes away by train. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and we be walking anyway. Why not walk in Emmendingen? It seems sometimes there is a ruined castle on every hill in Germany. The hill just outside Sulzburg, Castellberg, […]

A Night-time Visit

Went for an evening walk and the castle in the centre of Badenweiler was irresistible. I was sure it would be locked, but it wasn’t so in we went. Next time I will remember to bring my camera; this time all I had was a phone, but you get the idea. The view of the […]

The Castle

A photo essay for you today. I went for a night time walk last month in Badenweiler, Germany, and was struck by the beauty of the ruins of the castle in the centre of the the town. I had a camera in my pocket, so I snapped a few pictures as we walked around the […]

Burg Baden

I promised pictures of the ruins of the castle in Badenweiler, Germany, so I’m just going to shut up and let you enjoy the view.