Vineyards Everywhere


When you live in a wine growing region, it seems there are grape vines pretty much wherever you go.

There’s a hill in Seepark in downtown Freiburg where someone, I presume the municipality, has planted some vines. I doubt the harvest is sufficient for producing much, but then again, I have seen grapes planted on a  few hills in the city. I guess if you add up the entire crop there might be a reasonable output.

I only noticed the vines because of the statue, which reminded me for some reason of the Manneken Pis in Brussels. Must be that both are obviously male.

Then again, the first time I was in Seepark I walked by both statue and vines without noticing them. Some days I guess I am just oblivious to my surroundings.

Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I suppose it depends on where I choose to be oblivious. Walking in Seepark it would be pretty safe, but if I were crossing a train track it might be problematic if I wasn’t paying attention to my environment.


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