What Market?

When it rains…no-one shows up.
The Spring Flomarkt, or flea market if you prefer English, took place in the Sulzburg market square yesterday. Or a pale imitation of it.
This is usually a big event. But the weather played havoc with the attendance.  I had hoped for some bargains; instead I was underwhelmed.IMG_20190504_1255183

I was there  at 9 for the opening, and the best deals. There were only a dozen vendors set up. Last year, on a sunny day, there must have been 70 or 80, with booths spilling out of the square and down the street to the fire station.

The number of shoppers was down proportionately also. Instead of hundreds there were tens.

It rained mid-morning, but had stopped by noon, so I went back, this time with my wife. We were going for a walk in the vineyards, so it made sense to see if I had missed anything or if there was anything that caught her eye.

There was nothing I couldn’t live without. I was tempted by a couple of old harmonicas – but I don’t know how to play one, so I decided I should leave well enough alone. My wife found a few birthday and anniversary cards that were to her liking at a nice price.

I don’t know if flomarkts are the sole income for these vendors, but if so Saturday was a big disappointment. I hadn’t thought about them being so weather dependent, probably because rainy weekend days seem to be few here.  IMG_20190504_1251497

I’m used to Canadian yard sales, individuals getting rid of their junque. This is different, Every Saturday there is a flomarkt in a different village. I’m guessing the vendors may be pretty much the same, though I don’t know for sure, I have only been to the one in Sulzburg.

There’s a lot of stuff for sale that I can’t see anyone buying, but you know what they say about one person’s junk being another person’s treasure. That is true of yard sales, and I guess flomarkts also.
Saturday’s wound up being a complete washout. While we were walking through the vineyards we started to feel raindrops, just a few at first, then the rain changed to hail. It is May, and suddenly it was colder and windier than in January.
The hailstones were small, but steady. By the time we got back to the market square, about a 15-minute walk from where we were in the vineyards, almost all the vendors had packed up and most were gone. There probably wasn’t any reason to stick around – I doubt any customers were going to show up in a hailstorm.
The hail stopped after about half an hour. Then the snow began.
Sulzburg had basically no snow all winter. My new winter boots, purchased in 2017, are still in the box, unused. Can someone please explain to me why it snows in May but not in January?
The snow, like the hailstones, melted on contact with the street. The weather wasn’t really bad, just bad enough to wipe out any chance of a profit for the vendors at the flomarkt.
Probably the smart ones were the ones who didn’t show up at all.


  1. I love yard sales and flea markets and all those sorts of things. There is always an air of expectancy, as if I might discover something amazing at any moment. Of course, your Flomarkts look like they have much more interesting things than we do here in Texas. Mostly what I see here is just out-and-out junk and really should be in a landfill. Still, the air of expectancy persists.

    Thanks for sharing this! Hopefully, next weekend will be better.

    1. Most of the stuff here is junk in my opinion. Though last year I picked up something I thought was a cheap 1970s reproduction of a 17th century work. I was wrong. The thing I bought was almost 400 years old.

      1. And that is precisely why people go to flea markets. They are hoping to win the flea market lottery like you did!

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