The Crane Moves On


Early last week I was wondering about the stalled construction for the new apartment building at the edge of town. I asked my wife how the construction company could afford to keep a crane up and idle for the past six months. IMG_20190502_1147348

I guess they couldn’t anymore. Thursday it was dismantled and removed. I just happened to be walking by just before the truck drove off.

I guess that means the hold in the ground will stay there, filling with water when it rains and no more work will be done for the foreseeable future.

As a driver I am pleased to have the road back to two lanes, although admittedly there really wasn’t much inconvenience. Sulzburg is a sleepy place, it isn’t like there are traffic jams, even on the main road.IMG_20190502_1146284

I am saddened though at this admission the work isn’t going to progress anytime soon. The apartment building is intended as housing for Syrian refugees. They have been living in an old school for the past couple of years. It is perhaps better than a refugee camp, but far from ideal.

I would have thought the zoning issues that have halted construction would have been worked out before anyone put a shovel into the ground. Obviously I was wrong.

Over the past year I have gotten to know some of the refugees where are supposed to housed when/if this building is ever finished. They were so looking forward to living in a place designed for families, where they wouldn’t be sharing the kitchen and bathrooms. I don’t know what the solution is, but it is sad that they are going to be waiting so much longer for their new homes.IMG_20190502_1234558.jpg

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