Walking The Urban Forest


I have at times raved about Ottawa’s urban forest and the relaxing walking trails to be found, hundreds of kilometres of them. Ottawa though isn’t unique.

On Saturday in Freiburg (Germany) we discovered a local forest, which, if not as extensive as Ottawa’s did give a nice respite from the sun on a very warm day. It felt like we were back in Canada – lots of maple trees.IMG_20190420_1128417

My wife and I have decided we need to explore more of Freiburg. It is only a half hour by car/train from our home in Sulzburg, but for the first year here it seemed we only visited the place when we had government paperwork to deal with.

A while back I suggested we explore the city by S-Bahn, the streetcar. My thought was we start downtown (where the train station is located) and ride the tram to the end of the line, then back to the other end. If we see something interesting we hop off and explore. That’s how we discovered Freiburg’s botanical garden (which is on line 4).

Saturday it was Line 5 (there are six in total). We didn’t make it to the end in Rieselfeld but hopped off one stop before as I saw what looked like an interesting place to walk. It was a park, with a path that led us to the forest.

It was a pleasant diversion from a very hectic Easter weekend.


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