Changing Times


Saw this card in a bookstore attached to a church in suburb of Freiburg. Since you probably don’t read German, allow me to translate: “All the best for your wedding and the baptism of your child.”

I would think I had gotten that wrong, except for the wedding rings on the baby’s toe. Apparently having these two events together is common enough that there is a card for it.

I’m not quite sure what to say here, other than to note it goes outside my theological comfort zone. My reading of scripture would suggest that marriage takes place before you have children, not after. I could go into all the reasons for that, both from a theological and sociological point of view, but I want to keep this short, and such an analysis wouldn’t be.

Leaving aside theological questions because we might not agree on those anyway, am I old fashioned and out of touch to think commitment should come before children. Are the concepts of yesteryear best left to the past?

Are you open to discussion? I am. Please leave me a comment below – I promise I’ll respond.

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  1. A baptism captures the parents in the church, and the priest takes advantage of the situation.
    Assume these people don’t go to church, and won’t go to church. Still, they have some faith-based need, centered on the child. Getting them married, should they be willing, is a religious reinforcement of that need. Not ideal, but if the couple is unlikely to attend church, their being married may reinforce their commitment.

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