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More Visions of Fastnacht

I could hear the noise coming from the main street, which is only a block away, but I avoided it completely. Mind you, I broke some rules to do so. It was raining all Sunday morning, and the weather app on my phone said it would continue throughout the afternoon. That made a trip to […]

Visions of Fastnacht

Today is the annual Fastnacht parade in Sulzburg. I won’t be watching. Whether I am even in town will depend on the weather forecast. My thought had been to avoid the festivities completely and take the train to Freiburg after church. There’s nothing open in Freiburg on Sundays, but I can at least wander through […]

Fastnacht Begins

When you appropriate the symbols of evil, do you have power over them, or are you unwittingly giving them power over you? I was asking myself that as I watched a group of people in animal costumes and witches’ hats taking public transit in Freiburg. They were jumping the gun on Fastnacht, a pagan festival […]

It’s Back!

I was expecting it to return May 1, but didn’t see the Christmas tree return as a May Pole. Mind you, I wasn’t in Sulzburg on May Day either, so I could have missed it. Friday afternoon though the tree was back in the market square. I didn’t know why. Then, when I saw a […]

Weckensonntag IV

Today a photo essay, just some of the pictures I took last Sunday at sulzburg’s annual Weckensonntag event. I’ve been considering the differences between this very local festival and the much larger Fastnacht which is observed throughout the Black Forest.   Fastnacht is bigger and more colourful, but having seen it once I have no desire […]

Weckensonntag I – A Unique Tradition

Our neighbour was insistent we had to take part in Weckensonntag, which is held the third Sunday before Easter. She told us it is the biggest and most important festival of the year. That sounded strange to me. I’d seen no preparations, seen no posters. “Bigger than Fastnacht?” I asked. “Much bigger.” That made me […]

Ugly or Evil?

Sulzburg celebrated Fastnacht yesterday. Once I’ve had some time to process it mentally I will give some thoughts, hopefully reasoned ones. Today it will just be a few pictures from the parade. They were expecting on excess of 5,000 people to line the main street to watch. Not bad for a town of 2,000. Admission […]