No Nukes


Life gets busy. I’m sure you understand that. Some days I am not quite sure which end is up. Which can be problematic if you need to walk anywhere.

My life is at times filled with notes and ideas for this space that get filed away and not acted upon, for whatever reason. I’m hoping that many of those ideas, some a few years old now, will make it online in the next couple of months. Today’s post was written in January 2018. I have no idea why I didn’t use it then – I can only presume something more pressing came up. Today there are still more pressing subjects, but I decided I was going to go with this one anyway. That is all part of the randomness of this space.

I first saw the poster for the concert a month ago (December 2017). I won’t be attending. img_20180119_0921053

It’s not that I don’t know any of the performers, though that would be a factor. And it’s not just that I don’t have a way to get there.  Okay, maybe it is both.

What it isn’t is a rejection of the cause. I’d go to an anti-nuclear concert if I was a fan of whomever was performing. I would enjoy the music and just tune out those speaking as being informed more by emotion than argument.

Nuclear power development has been stalled in Canada for decades. There hasn’t been a new reactor built in more than 20 years, despite nuclear being a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly power source. Activists would argue with that, but it seems to me the Canadian nuclear industry’s track record speaks for itself. I know they’re have been problems, but no major incidents in my lifetime. I used to live downstream from Chalk River, site of Canada’s oldest nuclear plant. Even with the occasional spill, I never worried about the quality of my drinking water. Nuclear has always seemed to me to be a safe energy source.

I get the impression the situation in Germany is about the same, though Germany gets a greater percentage of its electricity from nuclear power plants. I don’t remember ever hearing of a German nuclear accident.

Yet there is a strong anti-nuclear movement here, much bigger than its Canadian counterpart. To me it doesn’t make much sense. Energy options are limited here, and costs are high enough to make Ontario’s high energy costs seem cheap. So why are so many people opposed to nuclear power?

Can it be a confusion between nuclear energy and nuclear weapons? Are people really so uninformed? Or is there something I don’t know about nuclear power here that I need to learn?

Since I don’t speak German, and since I am not going to the concert, I may never know.

Turns out I could find out a few things without knowing German. I read about the situation here and discovered that he nearby plant, subject of the protest, will be closed next year due to safety concerns. Mind you, you would think if there really were safety concerns there would be an immediate closure, not matter the disruption. I wonder how much is politics? 

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