Ducking The Question

IMG_20190119_1417398 (1).jpg

My version of a selfie – you can see my shadow.

Went for a walk in the little town of Kandern yesterday and saw this sign. Hadn’t seen one like it before, and was a little puzzled as to the meaning.

In Germany the red and white signs can mean caution, or so I have been told. In Canada I would expect them to be yellow and black. So I think this sign is warning you about the ducks.img_20190119_1417566 (1)

Exactly what the warning is, I’m not sure. Maybe you just need to know that there are ducks around because they have a tendency to defecate on the path, so you want to watch your step. Or maybe they are killer ducks. like that Monty Python rabbit.

With the sign as a warning, we walked with caution, though the ducks (and geese) seemed rather harmless. It was a sunny and cool afternoon, and the birds seemed to be enjoying themselves in the brook that runs through Kandern. They made no threatening moves.img_20190119_1419189

A little while later on the walk we came across the sign below on the main street, looking very similar to the one with the ducks. I think it means to drive with caution, children could be playing. That would mean the other sign just lets you know that there are ducks playing in the area.

What I can’t figure out is why I needed to know.



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