On The Bus Again


Took the bus yesterday, for the first time since coming back to Germany. It hasn’t changed in the three months since my last trip.

When I was in German class, I took the bus every day and wrote most of the posts you read here on the trip. I used to do the same thing in Canada on my morning and afternoon commute. What else are you going to do on the bus?

Yesterday was a short trip though, and only one way –  which is why today’s post is shorter than usual. I had some work-related items to pick up at the store, and my wife, who was passing through the area, picked me up afterward.

I realized as the  bus went along that much as I disliked German class when I was in it, I miss it now. Not the learning portion, the feeling that I was the one who understood the least of what was happening, but the people. We were a varied group from different countries, and everyone seemed to enjoy the others in the group. Maybe I’ll go back and visit some day. I know when the break is.

But not today. There are errands that must be run, and the bus will be there tomorrow also.

(Written on bus #261 between Sulzburg and Mullheim.)

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