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On The Bus Again

Took the bus yesterday, for the first time since coming back to Germany. It hasn’t changed in the three months since my last trip. When I was in German class, I took the bus every day and wrote most of the posts you read here on the trip. I used to do the same thing […]

Luxury Vehicles

In Canada people drive a Mercedes Benz or a BMW to show that they have arrived. They are luxury vehicles, favored by the rich and upwardly mobile. Owning one says you are an overachiever, one of the elite. What qualifies as a luxury vehicle may be a little different here. Mercedes and BMW are both […]

Bus Mystery

If you visit here regularly you know I am a big supporter of public transit. No matter where I am. My home town is Ottawa, and the system there regularly frustrated me; I have written about it often. The frustrations didn’t stop me from using it daily. When it worked it was a great ride […]

The Belchen – II

When we arrived at the top of the Belchen, the highest peak in the area, I realized that I had probably seen it before, albeit from a distance. I’m sure I can see it from the outskirts of Sulzburg, I just hadn’t known what it was.  My wife had visited this mountain with friends a […]

Public Transit Quirk

Coming from a North American city and settling in rural Germany, you know some things are going to be different. One of those things cropped up yesterday. We were taking the bus between Sulzburg and Mullheim. Depending on the time of day, the bus takes either 20 or 40 minutes to make the trip. It […]

On The Bus

I may have mentioned from time to time that I am a big fan of public transit. It provides economical transportation, is relatively reliable and is environmentally friendly.  Because I am a fan, and also because we have no vehicle, I have been learning the intricacies of the local transit system. Well, maybe intricacies is […]

Not Taking The Bus

OC Transpo, our municipal transit service, is down 1.5 million riders from this time last year. That is a significant drop. There’s a cliché about rocket science that I am going to forego here, no matter how tempting. Apparently the people in charge haven’t quite figured out why people are no longer taking the bus. […]