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Language Issues

I can’t decide. Is German a rich language full of imagery, or one with a weak vocabulary that fails to provide adequate scope for expression? The latest linguistic curiosity I have come across is the German word for glove. You know, those things you cover your hands with when it gets cold in winter. Not […]

On The Bus Again

Took the bus yesterday, for the first time since coming back to Germany. It hasn’t changed in the three months since my last trip. When I was in German class, I took the bus every day and wrote most of the posts you read here on the trip. I used to do the same thing […]

Too Much Information (Cultural Differences XIV)

I had to write a job application cover letter in my German class. I could not believe the example we were given. I have the luxury of being the oldest person in my class. While that makes language acquisition difficult, I don’t have the same pressures the other students face. My work is in English, […]

Giving Directions

My German teacher supposedly appreciates my sense of humor, though she has told my wife if I don’t curb it I will fail the government exam. Which doesn’t phase me – I don’t plan on writing the exam, though I guess I haven’t told her that. When I was a child, my teachers would complain […]

I Don’t Speak German…Really I Don’t

One of the challenges for me the past few months has been trying to get by in a new language, that I don’t speak. Though it is getting better. I’ve been trying to learn German online the last couple of months, with mixed results. My vocabulary has improved, but I have no confidence when it […]