Looks Can Be Deceiving

Yesterday afternoon I was walking from Heitersheim to Sulzburg, and noting how quickly the corn is growing. It looks like it will be ready for harvest soon.

As someone who loves to eat fresh corn on the cob it was a frustrating experience. I know that this corn is not meant for human consumption. Unlike the sweet corn we have in North America, this stuff is fit only for cattle (who I presume don’t have discriminating palates).

You would think that, for a corn lover, the walk, with the fields right by the path between the villages, would be depressing. It wasn’t though. It just served as a reminder that I have a vacation coming – and where I am going there will be lots of edible fresh corn. Or at least there should be – I haven’t checked on the weather and growing conditions. If the corn harvest is poor this year, please don’t tell me.


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