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Along The Path

I’ve read about a time when parts of Canada were religiously divided, Protestant and Catholic, with not much interaction between them. Religion, especially in rural areas, played a big part in people’s daily lives. There were traces of that when I lived in the Ottawa Valley in the late 1980s. I remember being told that […]

Love and Devotion

Do cemeteries fascinate you as much as they do me? I enjoy walking through graveyards, reading the tombstones and wondering about the stories of the people buried there. There can be a lot of social history packed into simple inscriptions. You can see family relationships, names being passed along for generations. Reading between the lines […]


We were early at the playground to meet friends, so there was time for a short walk around the area. You’ll never guess what we found. It was the free-range chickens that first grabbed our attention, then we saw the vending machine with the eggs. Up close we realized there were more than eggs. In […]

In The Vineyards

The past month has brought an explosion of green, as suddenly the vines have grown at a rapid pace. The grapes appear to be coming along nicely. I wonder though how much will be harvested. News reports I have seen indicate that alcohol consumption is up during the period of COVID-19 self-isolation. You would think […]

From The Tower

There is a water tower sitting on a ridge just outside the village of Heitersheim. From there you get a nice view of the surrounding area, especially the vineyards that we frequently walk through. Every day I am thankful to be living where I do. The social distancing restrictions, the not being able to be […]

Roman Park – IV

One last look at the Roman Park in Heitersheim, some images again from the Museum. The place is child-friendly, as evidenced by these costumes and a sign telling people that they must try the clothes on. The opposite of “do not touch the displays.” I’m sure the kids love it.

Roman Park – III

There isn’t much left of the Roman villa that was once prominent in Heitersheim. It has been gone for about 1700 years, leaving only the foundations and cellar. Archaeologists though know a lot about Roman construction and have a fairly good idea what the house would have looked like in its heyday. Using that knowledge […]

Roman Park – II

A photographic essay today, a continuation from yesterday,  more from the museum in Heitersheim’s Roman Park.

Roman Park – I

Last November I learned that there were Roman ruins in Heitersheim, a five-kilometre walk from our new home in Sulzburg. However, when I went to check them out I discovered they were closed for the winter. I almost missed them again this year. I had walked past on several occasions in spring and summer, but […]

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Yesterday afternoon I was walking from Heitersheim to Sulzburg, and noting how quickly the corn is growing. It looks like it will be ready for harvest soon. As someone who loves to eat fresh corn on the cob it was a frustrating experience. I know that this corn is not meant for human consumption. Unlike […]