Monday Comes Early This Week

Blame the Super Bowl for for there not being a blog post here today. What you are reading is a figment of your imagination. And no, I didn’t watch the game.

I don’t care enough for the NFL brand of football to watch a game that starts at 12:30 a.m. my time. I didn’t watch the Grey Cup, the Canadian championship held the last Sunday in November because of the start time. I regret that now – it looked like a great game. I won’t regret skipping the Super Bowl, no matter what Tom Brady does (or did by the time you read this). Maybe if Brady had stuck with baseball and played for the team that drafted him, the Montreal Expos, I’d have been more interested.

So why is a game I skipped the reason there is no post today (unless this counts as a post)? Chalk it up to the Super Bowl’s popularity. It is the dominant sports event, supposedly there is nothing that compete with it. That means the NHL doesn’t schedule Sunday evening games on Super Bowl Sunday. But it does have them earlier in the day.

I haven’t watched many hockey games online this season. I’ve seen the tail end of a few west-coast games that have still been going on when I get up. But most of the games I want to watch, those featuring the Ottawa Senators, start between 1 and 2 a.m. my time. I’m a fan, but not a fanatic. Not only do I not watch, but I usually forget to check the score. That may be because the team has not been very good this year, so there isn’t the same level of interest as their might be.

Still, yesterday afternoon there was a game between the Senators and the Montreal Canadiens. Starting time was 7 p.m. my time, just right to fill an evening. Given that there aren’t many opportunities for me to watch a game at what is for me a civilized hour, I decided that other plans for the evening would have to be deferred. That included today’s post.

Was it worth it? Depends on who you were cheering for. The Sens took a 1-0 lead early in the second period and wound up losing 4-1. Maybe next year they will be better.

Given that this blog is titled “Random Thoughts From Lorne,” I suppose that this could be considered a post – it certainly is random enough. Tomorrow I will be less distracted.


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