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The Dream Dies…Again

In 1993 the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup, the ultimate prize in professional hockey. No Canadian team has won it since. The Cup, donated by the Governor General of Canada more than a century ago to the best team in hockey, is a very Canadian thing. For decades only Canadian teams were eligible to […]

Another Year Ends…

I feel as if I should be marking the end of 2022 here somehow, but I am not sure exactly how. For many people it has been a year best forgotten quickly. The COVID -19 pandemic seems to drag on, though at least the panic part seems to have died down as we have come […]

Pool Time

The National Hockey League playoffs have begun. Sometime in the next month or so we will see the Stanley Cup Champion crowned. Last season I was excited to be able to watch televised games in my time zone for the first time in years. This year I already know I’m unlikely to show much interest […]

A Season To Forget

I started writing this post in August, finished it a couple of times but never got around to publishing it. Today though, as I will attend my last live football game of the season, I figure I should share it. The Canadian professional football season is almost over. Today the conference finals, next Sunday the Grey […]

The Pool

I succumbed to the temptation. I signed up for an NHL hockey pool. It was free, and you can win big prizes. As a Canadian I know a thing or two about hockey, it is in our national DNA after all. I figured the top prize was mine. You know how these things work. You […]

Can You Believe It?

The boys of winter are back. The Stanley Cup playoffs start today. Can you imagine anything more ridiculous than ice hockey in August? Many years ago, when National Hockey League teams played a 50-game schedule, the trophy was handed out around the end of March. With expansion and more games that was pushed into April, […]

Game Day

Some days it seems as if  time flies by. Today’s post was written in October, but somehow got stuck in my phone and never published. So, a little later than intended, here it is. There were plenty of tickets left, and with the rest of the family out of town, I took in a hockey […]

Monday Comes Early This Week

Blame the Super Bowl for for there not being a blog post here today. What you are reading is a figment of your imagination. And no, I didn’t watch the game. I don’t care enough for the NFL brand of football to watch a game that starts at 12:30 a.m. my time. I didn’t watch […]

The Canadian Bandwagon

Canada is a hockey-obsessed nation. That’s ice hockey not the type played on grass. The game was invented here, refined here and the best players still come from here, though the rest of the world now produced excellent players. Hockey is part of our national myth. Americans of my generation can tell you where they […]

Random Thoughts For Saturday

You would think that after spending $425 million on renovations, the elevators wouldn’t break down daily. I suppose the out-of-order urinals the day the building opened (that still haven’t been fixed) were a warning sign.   Why does my phone plan give me international roaming everywhere I go in Europe, except for Germany? Guess which […]