Thought For A Sunday

I can’t remember if I have posted this picture before, but even if I have, it is worth repeating. I have friends who don’t read very much or very often. I feel pity for them – they miss out on so much.

Sunday is a day of rest for most people. Why not spend part of today curled up with a good book? It will make the rest of your week better.



  1. Laurie McLean · · Reply

    I started reading in earnest when I was 13 or 14. I haven’t stopped reading but I must say I do read less often now. However as of today I have at least 4 books “on the go” and depending on how much spare time I have (and I have a lot) then I read, read, read. Mostly Christian books.

  2. Reblogged this on random thoughts from lorne and commented:

    Just something from a couple of years ago to tide you over until Monday.

  3. Neil Abramson · · Reply

    I had a girlfriend once, four or five years younger, who used to take me to task for reading so much. She conceded, however, that when she got to my advanced age she would probably read too. I thought about it and said, “When I was your age I read like now.” I guess it was a sign. It didn’t work out.

    Twenty years later I’m still doing it! I hope she did better her next boyfriend.

    1. She couldn’t have done better – there is no-one better than a reader.

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