Sometimes things don’t make sense. I realize though that just because something seems senseless to me, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a good reason. I’m still very much a stranger in a strange land here.

When Epiphany came I expected the Christmas tree in Sulzburg’s town square to come down. For some reason it didn’t, though the Christmas lights were taken off, or at least they were no longer lit. All the municipal Christmas decorations came down as soon as work started after Epiphany. I didn’t understand why the tree was still there.

Last Friday afternoon I walked by and noticed workers at the tree. They had a truck with an aerial bucket, but didn’t seem to be doing anything. When I walked by Saturday there appeared to be nothing different.

Monday morning there were more workers, though I didn’t see what they were doing. Monday afternoon the tree was still there, but its look had been drastically altered. No longer is it a majestic pine dominating the square. Now it is a stick with a pine tree on top.

I couldn’t figure out why. It seems strange to me to chop off all the lower branches and leave the tree up. Not to mention that it just looks weird.

I asked my neighbour about it, figuring that she was born and raised here and would be the most likely to know. I’m not sure if I quite believe her answer though – she didn’t sound convinced herself.

Supposedly the tree, having finished its run as a Christmas tree, is being converted to a pole and will be used as a Maypole for the May 1 celebration. I can’t say that isn’t the case, but it seems unlikely that they would have it up in its current state for the next three-and-a-half months. Then again, I’m new here, what do I know?

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