Canada Day Celebrations – III



Pretty much anyone in Ottawa will tell you that the worst place to watch the national Canada Day fireworks display is on Parliament Hill. But I went anyway.IMG_0613

You would think the Hill would be the best place, given that the fireworks are set of more or less at its base. The Hill and the Parliament buildings are so elevated though that a lot of the fireworks can’t be seen from the front of the building where the crowd has been watching the musical performances. That is one of the reasons I have in recent years, if I have watched the fireworks at all, watched from the lawn of the Canadian Museum of History across the river. The view there is pretty much perfect.   IMG_0614

However, there remains something special about seeing the explosions over the Peace Tower, so I opted to stay on the Hill for the show. Or most of the show.

I left early, missed the finale. It sounded great. Don’t know what it looked like – I was heading for the bus by then.

My thought was that given what I had seen so far I would not be overly impressed by the finale. I think I was wrong. I balanced leaving early and being first in line for the bus home with waiting possibly for an hour or more for public transit after the show ended. I wasn’t the only one who opted for the bus.IMG_0615

It didn’t do us any good though. The five minutes should have made a difference. But OC Transpo decided not to release any buses for the ride home, even though there were already hundreds of people at the bus stop. They waited until 10 minutes after the show ended, by which point here were thousands of people on the sidewalk. I understand, there are only so many buses, and public transit is free on Canada Day, so people have no reason to complain.

I still can’t figure out though how the half-hour trip home took an hour.

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