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Happy Canada Day

It is July 1 already. Half the year is gone. Do you need any other reason for a party? Canadians celebrate their country today, which has me thinking about patriotism. We think we have the best country in the world, but citizens of other countries might disagree. I won’t list all the good things that […]

Not A Holiday Here

Happy Canada Day! Or, if you are of a certain age and prefer the old usage, Happy Dominion Day. If you are not Canadian, feel free to join in the celebrations. Everyone loves a party, right? Canadians are not celebrating our nation’s birthday by using legal marijuana to get stoned, which had been the government’s […]

Canada Day Reflections – II

When my children were younger and complained about something I would tell them not to just complain but to offer a solution as well. It is a sound principle: be part of the answer, not just part of the problem.  Otherwise you are just a whiner. I have complained a couple of times about the […]

Canada Day Reflections – I

I’ve had some time to reflect, and so have the authorities. It is obvious someone screwed up, to use the vernacular, but no-one wants to take the blame. As I mentioned earlier, getting to Parliament Hill on Canada Day was a challenge. For once I am not going to bash our transit agency, OC Transpo, […]

Canada Day Celebrations – IV

Just a photo essay today, the rest of my fireworks pictures. I had thought about splitting them over two days, but decided to let you have them all at once.

Canada Day Celebrations – III

    Pretty much anyone in Ottawa will tell you that the worst place to watch the national Canada Day fireworks display is on Parliament Hill. But I went anyway. You would think the Hill would be the best place, given that the fireworks are set of more or less at its base. The Hill […]

Canada Day Celebrations – II

After Bono and The Edge performed early Saturday afternoon, I left Parliament Hill. Since I didn’t have to wait in line for hours to get onto the site, I figured I could take a break and go back in the evening for the later portions of the show. The early evening thunderstorm had almost abated […]