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Weinberg In Flammen 2020

  It might have been the end of an era, so we went to Britzingen’s annual Weinberg in Flammen (Wine Hill in Flames) a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure the festival will be held next year, it is too much fun to cancel, but new regulations concerning fireworks mean that this may have been […]

Fireworks Night

Today is Thursday, which for me on this vacation means fireworks. Every Thursday during the summer there is a fireworks display by the pier in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. With the sound of waves in the background (and noise also from the beach-side amusement park), there is something special about sitting on the sand on […]

Chaos In The Streets (Cultural Differences VIII)

  I had been told that Germans celebrate the New Year with fireworks. Experiencing that was far more intense than the description. In Canada fireworks are a controlled affair for the most part. If a holiday is deemed important enough to warrant such pyrotechnics, it is usually the municipality that stages the show. Safety concerns […]

Canada Day Celebrations – IV

Just a photo essay today, the rest of my fireworks pictures. I had thought about splitting them over two days, but decided to let you have them all at once.

Canada Day Celebrations – III

    Pretty much anyone in Ottawa will tell you that the worst place to watch the national Canada Day fireworks display is on Parliament Hill. But I went anyway. You would think the Hill would be the best place, given that the fireworks are set of more or less at its base. The Hill […]

Old Orchard Beach Pier III – Fireworks Night

Tonight, like every Thursday night during the summer, fireworks will light the sky over the Old Orchard Beach pier. I was there to watch the past two Thursdays, and today it feels as if I am going through a bit of withdrawal. I have seen more elaborate fireworks. On Parliament Hill to celebrate Canada Day, […]

Lighting Up The Night

It is a Thursday night ritual throughout the summer. Tonight, as I have done the past two Thursdays, I will continue a vacation tradition and join the small crowd gathered near The Pier in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, for the weekly fireworks display. Most people, at least from my non-scientific observations, enjoy fireworks. There’s something […]