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Fireworks Night

Today is Thursday, which for me on this vacation means fireworks. Every Thursday during the summer there is a fireworks display by the pier in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. With the sound of waves in the background (and noise also from the beach-side amusement park), there is something special about sitting on the sand on […]

Chaos In The Streets (Cultural Differences VIII)

  I had been told that Germans celebrate the New Year with fireworks. Experiencing that was far more intense than the description. In Canada fireworks are a controlled affair for the most part. If a holiday is deemed important enough to warrant such pyrotechnics, it is usually the municipality that stages the show. Safety concerns […]

Canada Day Celebrations – IV

Just a photo essay today, the rest of my fireworks pictures. I had thought about splitting them over two days, but decided to let you have them all at once.

Canada Day Celebrations – III

    Pretty much anyone in Ottawa will tell you that the worst place to watch the national Canada Day fireworks display is on Parliament Hill. But I went anyway. You would think the Hill would be the best place, given that the fireworks are set of more or less at its base. The Hill […]

Old Orchard Beach Pier III – Fireworks Night

Tonight, like every Thursday night during the summer, fireworks will light the sky over the Old Orchard Beach pier. I was there to watch the past two Thursdays, and today it feels as if I am going through a bit of withdrawal. I have seen more elaborate fireworks. On Parliament Hill to celebrate Canada Day, […]

Lighting Up The Night

It is a Thursday night ritual throughout the summer. Tonight, as I have done the past two Thursdays, I will continue a vacation tradition and join the small crowd gathered near The Pier in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, for the weekly fireworks display. Most people, at least from my non-scientific observations, enjoy fireworks. There’s something […]