Every so often I go searching the internet for grammar jokes. Does that make me weird? Probably.

With that admission out of the way, here are a few I enjoyed recently. (Yes, I know, strictly speaking not all are about grammar, but they all have to do with language usage.)

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  1. Loved this. Who knew there was a niche for grammar jokes? I do the keyboard one all the time… *blushes with shame*

    1. Why shame? I think you should be beaming with pride! I’m not an extremist, I wouldn’t advocate capital punishment for grammar errors – but it is tempting. And for the record, and grammar mistakes in my posts are deliberate and for effect. The spelling errors are just there to see if people actually are reading.

      1. Yes, I’m completely with you there. There is a huge difference (and one many self proclaimed ‘grammar Nazis’ fail to appreciate) between using non conventional grammar for a certain effect and simply not understanding language x

      2. I’ve written professionally on and off for almost 40 years. I know the rules better than most people, and when I am ghosting I usually follow them, it’s not my voice that should be coming across. But I figure I have earned the right to express myself my way when I am writing for fun.

      3. Ooh exciting, I’ve never met a ghost before. Do you ever write about the ghosting process? I’ve always wondered what that’s like. Please do point me in the right direction to anything I’ve you written about it already. If you haven’t, aren’t too constrained by legal agreement and can be bothered then might be worth considering. For what it’s worth I think it could make for fascinating reading..

      4. I’ve never thought about writing about that before. There are of course limitations, some people don’t want to admit that someone wrote their book or speech so I remain anonymous, but I could talk about the process. Future blog post for sure – maybe Halloween would be an appropriate date for it.

      5. Ha ha, Halloween would be perfect! I hope you do write it. The interesting stuff, for me at least (and who knows how representative I am..), isn’t the gossipy type ‘oh I wrote so and so’s book’ but rather the considerations, challenges, highs, lows and so forth.

      6. That there will be.

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