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Thought For A Wednesday

Just a reminder for those who disparage meat eaters…   Hey, lighten up – it’s a joke! (Disclaimer: These days it seems there is nothing that someone doesn’t take offence with. If you have been offended, hurt or traumatized by today’s image, send me an email. I can provide the name of a counselor who […]

The Lesson

I downloaded this the same February day in 1998 that I discovered yesterday’s post. At times I do wonder just how much of Jesus’ teaching his followers really understood when they first heard it. So much of it went against the cultural norm (something that remains true for Jesus’ words today. This version of the […]


I thought yesterday’s post might be a bit depressing, so I wanted something lighter for today. In my ongoing purging of junque from my basement I came across this yesterday afternoon. No idea who wrote it, but it has been floating around the Internet for decades, maybe as long as there has been an internet. […]

Tuesday’s Thought

I didn’t open the email. The header was “easy solution to stop stubborn snoring.” My immediate thought was: decapitation. I doubt that was the solution being offered, but it does work.

Timely Warning

Thoughts On Survival

This showed up in my email this week. It wasn’t the first time I had seen it, or something similar. It usually doesn’t have pictures attached, which is what convinced me to share it here. I’d give credit, but a quick online search convinced me that authorship is unknown. I know I didn’t write it […]

Stuart Mclean, R.I.P.

I wanted to post this Thursday when I heard‎ the news of Stuart Mclean’s death. People were talking about it, and I wanted in on the conversation. When I travel though, Internet access isn’t always immediate, so I decided it would have to wait until today. It was the news no-one wanted to hear, though […]