My Mother is Politically Incorrect.

It may have something to do with her age. My mother is 87 after all. As we get older we seem to lose some of our filters. We say things that we might have only thought but not said when we were younger and perhaps more concerned with other people’s opinions.

Mind you, I don’t remember her being shy about sharing her thoughts when she was younger either. Now though they seem to stand out a bit more. Maybe because society has changed, but her opinions haven’t.

Still, being politically incorrect is not necessarily a bad thing. There are times you need to cut through the fertilizer quotient of what passes for wisdom in our society. Or, as author Josh McDowell put it a few years ago, be intolerant – because some things are just stupid. As we have acquired political correctness we have perhaps abandoned common sense.

I’m not sure what brought the topic up. I assume something she had seen on the television news, or read in the newspaper. My mother announced that she has a solution to the problem of people disrupting airline flights.

You’ve heard of such incidents I am sure. Passenger X makes a disruption on the plane. The flight is diverted to the nearest airport, at considerable cost and inconvenience, where X is taken into custody by the authorities. Frequently the disruption is caused by excessive alcohol consumption before the flight.

I don’t know how frequently such incidents happen, but it does seem to me that it is pretty much a weekly occurrence in the news. It is one of those things (among many) that make flying so unpleasant. But my mother has the solution.

Unfortunately, while her solution has emotional appeal it is of dubious legality. And probably not technically feasible. I do agree with her though, it would solve the problem.

Her proposal is for each plane to be equipped with a trap door. Anyone causing a disturbance would just be dumped out of the plane, in mid-flight.

I can see the emotional appeal of such a solution, and there would certainly be no risk of repeat offenders. My first thought was that it wouldn’t be possible, too much risk of decompression. But then again, don’t the plane washrooms flush waste outside the plane? You could use the same system.

It would be wrong though. Creating a disturbance shouldn’t be a capital crime. Or should it?



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  2. Too bad most of the disturbances happen while the plane is on the tarmac. Maybe those doing the disturbing subconsciously have the trap door concept in mind.

  3. A lot of the time I like her no-nonsense approach – but if I said things like that people would be upset.

  4. It’s a fair point. 🙂

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