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A Dwindling Generation

There are 30,000 of them left. Ten years from now there may be 5,000. In twenty years time, none. Canada’s Second Word War veterans are dwindling as age catches up with them. The European portion of the war ended 75 years ago today. It is a milestone anniversary, but there aren’t the big public celebrations […]

Uncomfortable Remembrance

Somehow it doesn’t seem right to be a tourist in a place of unspeakable evil. But remembrance is important, so I visited the Dachau ‎concentration camp, the place where the Nazis refined their “final solution” for the Jewish people. These days it is in a Munich suburb. I would think it was more isolated 75 […]

Useless Political Correctness

The headline reads “Document reveals RCMP strategy for possible ‘flood of foreign fighters’ fleeing Mosul offensive.” I think it is supposed to make me feel safer. I am pleased to read that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are prepared to deal with returning fighters. I would expect no less of our national police force. […]

Don’t Panic!

I can hear his voice as I read the book, which feels a little strange in a way‎. I still think of him more as a broadcaster than as a writer. The authoritative and somewhat soothing tones are accompanied by word pictures of death and destruction. I had been on the wait list at the […]

Middle Eastern Conflict

I was at a briefing recently on Parliament Hill about the situation in Northern Iraq. I can’t tell you about it. One of the reasons I attended was to get an update on what is happening in the region. I was there twice last year and do feel I have a bit of connection to […]

More Than Culture Shock!

Today’s predicted high temperature in Damascus, according to the BBC is 18 degrees Celsius. Today’s predicted high in Ottawa is -22 degrees Celsius. With the wind chill it will feel like -36. We have hundreds of newcomers in Ottawa, refugees escaping the fighting in Syria. Everything here is new to them, the language, the food, […]

Refugee Resettlement

It’s the big question that no-one has the courage to ask. What happens in the second year? Canada is becoming home to 25,000 Syrian refugees before the end of February, people leaving behind civil war and ISIS terror for hope in a new land. To say life here will be a difficult adjustment is probably […]

Speaking Christian

I didn’t know it was a language. The taxi driver asked us, “Do you speak Christian.” I don’t. Though I am a Christian, I try to avoid some of the jargon that has sprung up around the faith. In North America it is all too easy to live in a Christian sub-culture that bears absolutely […]

Thoughts On The Refugee Crisis

As broken election promises go, this is probably a good one. Canada’s new government has realized that it was unrealistic to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees before the end of the year. The target remains the same, but now it will take a couple of extra months. It is still an ambitious goal. The United States, […]

Refugees – Cold Hard Facts

He speaks with the authority of someone who has been there. I didn’t think to ask if I could quote him, so I won’t give his name. He’s a relief worker in the middle east. ‎‎   We were having dinner, and the discussion turned to the refugee crisis in Iraq and Syria, not a […]