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Speaking Christian

I didn’t know it was a language. The taxi driver asked us, “Do you speak Christian.” I don’t. Though I am a Christian, I try to avoid some of the jargon that has sprung up around the faith. In North America it is all too easy to live in a Christian sub-culture that bears absolutely […]

Thoughts On The Refugee Crisis

As broken election promises go, this is probably a good one. Canada’s new government has realized that it was unrealistic to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees before the end of the year. The target remains the same, but now it will take a couple of extra months. It is still an ambitious goal. The United States, […]

Refugees – Cold Hard Facts

He speaks with the authority of someone who has been there. I didn’t think to ask if I could quote him, so I won’t give his name. He’s a relief worker in the middle east. ‎‎   We were having dinner, and the discussion turned to the refugee crisis in Iraq and Syria, not a […]

Refugees and Migrants II – The Logistics

I said yesterday that someone needs to talk about the logistics involved in Canada opening its doors to an increased number of refugees fleeing the war in Syria. It is not enough just to be moved by the pictures, there are practical considerations. Canada took in 40,000 Vietnamese refugees in 1979-1980, a number made possible […]

Refugees and Migrants I – Election Fodder

It suddenly became the biggest issue of the Canadian federal election, sparked by a photograph of a dead Syrian boy whose family had supposedly desired to emigrate Canada. He (and other family members) had drowned trying to get from Turkey to Greece. According to the news media, the family had applied to for refugee status […]

Solving The Middle East Crisis II

Neil Remington Abramson is filling in for me today with some more thoughts on the Middle East: Truthfully, we must choose who we are and will be, but we generally equivocate. Heartless bastards or followers of Christ – perhaps we should choose and become more effective in what we do. Or perhaps it is a […]

Solving The Middle East Crisis

My friend Neil Remington Abramson and I frequently engage in discussion and debate, usually on blog written by a mutual friend, Bruce La Rochelle. Neil and I are generally in agreement on most things, and we have a great respect for each others’ point of view. Some of my recent posts on my summer vacation […]