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Stockholm Subway

Sometimes I suffer from information overload. I have half a dozen posts ready to go, and couldn’t decide which one to use today. So we’ll go with a photo essay instead. These pictures are from the Stockholm subway. I was impressed with the light and clean feel to what is probably a relatively new system. […]

The Ambulances

I was curious, but not curious enough to ask. I figured it out later I was visiting Skeppsholmen, an island in Stockholm’s harbor downtown. It was gray and overcast and, because it was a Monday, the Asian museum and other buildings were closed to the public. So I couldn’t figure out why three ambulances were […]

Crown Jewels

The governor general is irrelevant to most Canadians, even though he is the head of state. Strangely enough though, he managed to inconvenience me when I was in Stockholm. I know, Sweden is far from Ottawa, but he managed it. It was Sunday and I was headed to a 3 p.m. church service, which left […]

ABBA The Museum – II

The ABBA museum and store don’t take cash. “For your protection.” I’m not sure how that protects me. When I travel I like to pay for everything with cash. That way I live within my means and don’t come home to any surprise credit card bills. On my recent trip to Europe, five countries in […]

ABBA The Museum – I

Before leaving Canada I polled my friends and colleagues. The verdict was unanimous; I had to visit the ABBA museum in Stockholm. Of course, none of them had ever been there. I am not an ABBA fan. I have acquired over the years about 10,000 albums. (I know that sounds like a lot, but remember, […]

Stockholm Cathedral

When I first saw Stockholm Cathedral it was closed to tourists. A church service was in progress, and it makes sense they wouldn’t want people wandering through. I thought about joining in worship, but it seemed rude to be late. So I headed off in the direction of the Royal Palace. By the time I […]

Waiting For A Plane XVIII – Stockholm

In 2015 I spent a lot of time in airports. I shared my thoughts on those trips with you in a series of posts. I managed to get through 2016 with my feet firmly planted on the ground, but it looks like I’ll be collecting a few frequent flyer points this year. I think I […]